Aqua Medic has been making a huge splash in our area, and across the country, recently with their new Aqua Medic Live coral wholesale facility as well as game changing products such as the EcoDrift wavemaker line and Blue Reef Enclosed sump systems, and to top it off, they’re also getting heavily involved with Elite Reef Fest 2014 with some awesome donations.

They just couldn’t resist sending some of their awesome corals down for auction, which also fill most of our coral flats, and of course they threw in some of their new equipment to help round out a few lucky winners’ tanks.

_DSC7952 _DSC7954


Stop by at 6:00PM to get in on Aqua Medic coral auctions to benifit PIJAC.

Don’t forget to get your raffle tickets for all of our raffles including some awesome Aqua Medic items.

EcoDrift 8.0 wavemaker

KS1000 Kalkwasser Stirrer

Arctic Breeze Six Pack cooling fans

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