Coralscapes from the flats of local Denver, Colorado fish store, Elite Reef including derasa, goniopora, bubbletip anemone, plate coral, toadstool leather, hammer coral, torch coral, elegance coral, pulsing xenia and more! Enjoy!

The Independence Day sale is on today through Sunday 7/7! Stop by and get any coral at 20% off All fish and cleanup crew at 15% off And any dry goods in stock at 10% Sale valid 7/5 through 7/7. Sale prices not valid with any other offer.

Elite Reef will be closed this Thursday July 4th to celebrate Independence Day! We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. We will be open for regular business hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday through Sunday. Stop by this weekend for special Independence Day sales!

Livestock update from Denver, Colorado fish store, Elite Reef, including sailfin tang, lightning marron clown, bluespot jawfish, foxface, vlamingi tang, chocolate tang, chromis, firefish, royal gramma, midas blenny, yellow tang, clownfish, orange shoulder tang, maroon clownfish, purple firefish, fairy wrasse and more.

In stock and ready for the weekend!

Half of the fish for the week at Elite Reef are in! Video update includes lightning maroon clown, mimic lemonpeel, royal gramma, midas blenny, yellow tang, yellow and gold chromis, powder blue tang, purple firefish, green chromis, marble wrasse, powder brown tang, flame angel, leopard wrasse and more. Clownfish land tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Livestock update from Denver, Colorado fish store, Elite Reef, including ricordia, cleanup crew, brain coral, wrasses, montipora, purple pseudocromis, palythoas, torch coral, cinnamon clownfish, clownfish, candy cane coral, montastrea, regal tang, acropora, frogspawn, skunk clownfish, zoanthids, candy hogfish, leather coral, duncan coral, firefish, green start polyps, pocillopora, lobophyllia, favia, blastomussa, damsels, chocolate tang, sympodium, yellow   Read More …

Livestock update from Denver, Colorado fish store, Elite Reef, including zoanthids, SPS coral, palythoas, micromussa, clownfish, chromis, stylocoeniella, yellow tang, cyphastrea, firefish, lobophyllia, maroon clownfish, lavender tang, chocolate tang, goniopora, niger trigger and more.

mimic lemonpeel tang, clownfish, lightning clownfish, b&w clownfish, banggai cardinals, eibli angelfish, convict tang, red sea sailfin tang, leopard wrasses, green chromis, two spot candy hogfish, bubbletip anemones, long tentacle anemones, hammer coral and more

New stock for the week is in including sailfin tang, yellow tang, duncans, powder brown tang, war coral, zoanthids, rock flower nems, acropora, powder blue tang, leather coral, pocillopora, chromis, hydnophora, valintini puffer, acans, purple firefish, firefish, ricordia, snails, micromussa, red saddle clownfish, pavona, button polyps, sps frags, bubble coral, trachyphyllia, anemones and more.