We’re just one week out from Elite Reef Fest 2014, and today raffle tickets for this year’s PIJAC charity raffle go on sale. Tickets will be sold for $1 and will go into the raffle of your choice.

Raffles so far include:

$100 credit donated by Elite Reef
BioCalcium two pack donated Tropic Marin
Arctic Breeze Six Pack cooling fan donated by AquaMedic
HOB refugium donated by Finnex
17″ Marineland blue accent LED donated by Elite Reef
Clear FX 350ml for one year donated by BlueLife
AlgaGen live phyto and pods for one year donated by AlgaGen
Reef Pack: Enhancer donated by Seachem
Beta Falls aquarium donated by Aqueon
KS1000 kalkwasser reactor donated by AquaMedic
Elite Reef Cuisine for one year donated by Elite Reef
Carb FX Resinator media reactor donated by BlueLife
Prodibio dosing kit donated by Elite Reef
Prodibio Nano dosing kit donated by Elite Reef

Stay tuned for more details about raffle items, sales and other event related info.

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