We’ve been planning Elite Reef Fest 2012 since the end of last year’s event, and we are finally ready to start letting you in on what’s to come.

First things first. Clear your calenders for September 15th when we will be hosting the second of our annual event at Elite Reef for our normal business hours between 11am and 7pm. There will be some door prizes this year, so be sure to get there early.

We are working with a new charity this year for our raffle that’s sure to be even bigger than last year’s. All procedes from this years raffle will go to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.


This year’s raffle will be sponsored and held by Marine Engineers aquarium blog.


That’s all the details we have for you right now, but as the updates roll in, we will be posting them here. Check back for a growing raffle item list as well as other news regarding Elite Reef Fest 2012.

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