Reefstock is coming up, Saturday March 10th, and as usual will be held at the Downtown Aquarium. It’s been tradition since we opened, for us to come down and hang out with the reef hobbyist crowd this awesome event brings in, and we won’t be missing it this year.

Come hang out with us at the biggest reef aquarium event in Colorado, and get an exclusive, Reefstock attendees only, raffle ticket to win our “Ultimate Nano” package to be raffled off Sunday March 11th at Elite Reef.

Sunday March 11th “Ultimate Nano” Package Raffle:

Sunday March 11th, we will be teaming up with Marine Engineers aquarium blog to hold FREE raffles in appreciation of our awesome customers all day! As a special thanks to attendees of Reefstock,  the “Ultimate Nano Package,” will be exclusive to everyone who visits our booth at the Downtown Aquarium on March 10th. All you have to do it be sure to stop by and get your free raffle ticket from us while at the event!

Ultimate Nano:


For more details regarding our March 11th raffles, please visit: March 11th 2012 Elite Reef Raffles

Raffle tickets for the “Ultimate Nano,” package will be given out at Reefstock only. Elite Reef raffle tickets not valid for any raffle held, March 10th, at Reefstock. Must be present at Elite Reef March 11th 2012 to win.

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