We’re ready for Elite Reef Fest 2014 tomorrow are you?

Don’t forget to stop in and get your raffle tickets. All proceeds this year are going directly to PIJAC’s Aquatic Defense Fund in order to help protect the hobby we all know and love!

2014 Raffles:

AlgaGen: Live Phyto & Pods for 1 year (16oz per mo.) – 2 Winners

Aqua Medic: Arctic Breeze Cooling Fan—6pack
Aqua Medic: Eco-Drift 8.0 Wavemaker
Aqua Medic: KS1000—Kalkwasser Stirrer

Aqueon: Betta Falls Aquarium Kit

Blue Life USA: The Carb FX Resinator—Reactor & refills
Blue Life USA: Clear FX Pro for 1 year (qty 3 450ml containers)

Brightwell Aquatics: Additives 6-pack

CaribSea: Arag-Alive Sand—Fiji Pink 40lb

Elite Reef: $100 Store Credit
Elite Reef: Elite Reef Cuisine for 1 year (1 single/mo.) – 2 Winners

Finnex: Hang-On Filter / Refugium

Fritz: Live Nitrifying Bacteria 2-pack
Fritz: Pro RPM Salt—180g

JBJ: Picotope 3g Tank

Marineland: 17” Blue Accent LED

Probidio: Nano Start-Up Kit
Probidio: Dosing Kit

Seachem: AquaVitro Package (7 bottles) – 2 Winners
Seachem: Zooplankton & Phytoplankton—500mls ea. – 2 Winners
Seachem: Reef Fusion 1 & 2 1L Bottles
Seachem: Reef Pack ~ Enhancers and Fundamentals

Tropic Marin: Bio-Calcium 2-pack

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