Elite Reef Fest 2014 was a huge success, and we’d like to thank everyone who made it out in the snow to help us support PIJAC. For all who couldn’t make it, we’ve decided to give you one more day of sales, so come on down and get some awesome deals on coral, inverts, fish and dry goods!

Fish 15% off
Inverts 20% off
Coral $25 frags=$15
All other coral 20% off
Dry goods 10% off

The charity raffle to benifit PIJAC was a huge success. Check your tickets!

Ticket #          Raffle:

612788     $100 Elite Reef credit
612786     AlgaGen live phyto and pods for one year (16oz per/month)
612824     AlgaGen live phyto and pods for one year (16oz per/month)
612732     Aqua Medic Arctic Breeze Six Pack cooling fan
612866     Aqua Medic KS1000 kalkwasser stirrer
612808     Beta falls aquarium kit
612767     Blue Life Carb FX Resinator
612772     Blue Life Clear FX Pro for one year (qty 3 450ml)
350954     Brightwell Aquatics additives 6 pack
612817     Caribsea 40lbs Fiji pink sand
612720     Elite Reef Cuisine for one year (one single per/month)
612507     Elite Reef Cuisine for one year (one single per/month)
612705     Finnex HOB refugium
612849     Fritz Live Nitrifying Bacteria two pack
612805     Fritz Pro RPM salt
612926     JBJ 3 gallon pico
612686     Marineland 17″ blue accent LED
612793     Prodibio Nano Start-Up kit
612859     Prodibio Dosing kit
612834     Seachem Aquavitro pack
612782     Seachem Aquavitro pack
612855     Seachem Phyto/Zooplankton pack
612785     Seachem Phyto/Zooplankton pack
350961     Seachem Reef Fusion 1 & 2
612833     Seachem Enhancers and Fundamentals
612734     Tropic Marin Bio Calcium two pack

Please bring in your winning tickets by Sunday 11/23 or contact us to reserve your prize. New winners will be drawn for all prizes not claimed.

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