Ever wonder how we keep our displays in shape? Follow along as I do our daily and weekly maintenance in time lapse.

Every day begins with a magnet cleaning of every inch of all of our display reef tanks. This keeps the view crisp for our customers, and it also helps us keep tabs on what’s going on behind the glass of each system. Simply stopping to clean an aquariums glass is often the difference between seeing a problem while it can still be fixed and catching it too late. On our larger displays, we use a Magfloat magnetic cleaner, and on our nano reefs, we use a Two Little Fishies Nano Mag.

In preparation for our weekly water changes, salinity is checked on all systems and adjusted to our reef standard of 1.025. This is an incredibly important step in keeping salinity from creeping in either direction long term. We check all systems with a refractometer, add RODI water to any tanks with high salinity and add saltwater to displays with low salinity.

Systems with sensitive corals are also tested for nitrate, alkalinity and calcium weekly before water changes. This helps me to see how our dosing schedule is affecting the chemistry in our displays so that I can adjust amounts for the next week. For testing we use Salifert test kits.

After all this prep, our 10% water changes are a simply process of draining water out and refilling them. This is our primary maintenance in keeping the systems clean of nutrients and also keeping chemistry balanced.

If you have any questions about our maintenance regime or would like to know how to implement any of this into yours, please feel free to stop by any time to pick our brains for the details.

Until then, thanks for watching!

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