Follow along with the crew at Elite Reef of Denver, Colorado as we take a shipment all the way from boxes to the tanks!

The reception of every shipment begins as a stack of boxes which must first be sorted. We begin by unpacking and sorting individual bags into buckets depending on species, care requirements and their final system destination.

Fish are sorted depending on sensitivity with species more sensitive to parasitic and eating issues being held in our quarantine for at least a week prior to sale. Less sensitive species are sorted into buckets respective to the systems they’ll be placed in for sale.

Inverts are also sorted into buckets by species to keep it simple to place them in species specific boxes after acclimation.

Once everything is sorted and in buckets, all animals are drip acclimated for between 30 and 45 minutes or until their salinity matches that of destination systems.

Once fully acclimated, animals are netted out of buckets and placed into their new homes to await the arrival of you, our loyal customers.

As we continue to head into winter, our shipment schedule will continue to ramp up to fill your aquarium needs. Stop by any time to check out all the newest acquisitions and pick out something amazing for you reef system.

Unfortunately, this video is sped up A LOT! Nobody is that fast…

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