Common Name: Trac Brain, Wellsophyllia Brain Scientific Name: Trachyphyllia Geoffroyi
Coral Type: Large Polyp Stony Care Level: Medium-Low
Lighting: Low-medium Flow: Will extend its flesh more in lower flow, but can tolerate relatively high flow
Care Notes: Trachyphyllia brains are among the easiest of LPS corals to care for. They do not need large amounts of light or flow, and are primarily photosynthetic, so do not need large amounts of food. Description: Trachyphyllia has a large conical or flat bottom skeleton cover on top by large, colorful flesh. They range in colors from reds to greens. They may have as few as one mouth or many more.
Other Notes: As with most LPS corals alkalinity and calcium are very important, so careful monitoring is recommended.
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