Fresh views into the flats at Denver, Colorado fish store, Elite Reef, including zoanthids, duncans, micromussa, favites, palythoas, cyphastrea, star polyps, favia, hydnophora, candy cane, xenia, hammer coral, clove polyps, torch coral, frogspawn and more.

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Livestock update from fish store, Elite Reef, of Denver, Colorado including hammer coral, yellow tang, acropora, banggai cardinals, clownfish, birdsnest, clove polyps, hydnophora, foxface, firefish, galaxea, clarkii clowns, star polyps, zoanthids, xenia and more. Subscribe: Tweets by elitereef

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Take a quick look around local fish store in Denver, Colorado, Elite Reef! Subscribe: Tweets by elitereef

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Ever wonder how we keep our displays in shape? Follow along as I do our daily and weekly maintenance in time lapse. Every day begins with a magnet cleaning of every inch of all of our display reef tanks. This keeps the view crisp for our customers, and it also helps us keep tabs on   Read More …

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Categories: Coral