Common names: moon coral, acan

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Feeding: Micromussa are extremely aggressive eaters with very capable tentacles. They will easily catch and consume most food types including frozen, liquid and even pellets. Take care as their feeding aggression can sometimes be taken out on neighboring corals.

Lighting: Micros will thrive in a wide range of lighting. As with most hard corals, bleaching is a concern, so always acclimate by starting them lower in the tank and slowly move them up to your desired location.

Waterflow: Micromussa can adapt to most flow conditions.

Placement: Micros are very aggressive, so be careful to give them plenty of space.

General: Micromussa can take a long period to settle in and fully inflate. Be patient and give them time before moving them to a new placement.

*Recent taxonomic changes have seen the genus of acanthastrea split or combined into several other genera including micromussa and homophyllia. Bear with me as these changes are migrated across sites.

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