For those of you that didn’t get enough of the sales on Black Friday, we still have a few deeply discounted items available:

Blue bar pseudo $19.99 30% off $13.99

Three chalk basslets $29.99 30% off $20.99

Yellow pseudo $20.99 30% off $14.69

Fisheri Angel $53.99 30% off $37.79

Giant blue carpet anemone $249.99 30% off $174.99

We also have some new tanks from Marineland in stock with some huge discounts applied for a limited time!

45 gallon Marineland cube with built-in overflow, stand, canopy and utility pump $654.99 30% off $458.99

56 gallon Marineland column tank with stand, glass top and Marineland canister filter $402.99 30% off $282.99

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