This week we got to try out some amazing new food made by a new company called Rogger’s Reef food. This unique new idea is a food that includes all the dietary needs of your fish, including predators, and can be used on an algae clip. Add to that that its secret blend does not fall apart in the water putting all the nutrients in your fish’s bellies rather than down your overflow. We’ve given it a try here at the shop would like to offer you the same opportunity. Stop by while supplies last to get a free sample for your tank. Details about the food after the break.

Our products are not formulated to spread in the water. By using the mesh & clip this formula will hold solid for hours unless it is picked by the fish, the advantage and reason for this is that it does not waste any food by letting it go to the overflow specially with a high flow tank, also, the nutritional value triples when the fishes bite morsels that contain encapsulated Selcon™, Copepod Sp. , garlic, Aloe. It does not need to be thaw. You can still spread it if you wish but you will need to do it manually between your fingers.

Rogger’s Reef Food

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