The bandit angelfish is also known as the black banded angelfish due to the black stripe that extends from the fishes face, over its eye and back to the dorsal fin. They may also be known as hawaiian pearlyscale angelfish because of the shimmering white coloration that makes up the majority of their scales.

Bandit angels require a large tank of at least 180 gallons with plenty of liverock for grazing. They can become quite territorial as they mature. The natural diet of the bandit angel is based on sponges which means they can be extremely difficult to acclimatize to aquarium life and foods. They may nip at stony and soft corals as well as clam mantels, so care should be taken when attempting to keep bandit angels in reef aquariums.

Adaptation to captive aquarium foods is extremely hard to accomplish with bandit angelfish, but this one began eating Elite Reef Cuisine right away.

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