Ring in the new year with a fresh look for your reef system with corals from fish store, Elite Reef, of Denver, Colorado including GSP, hammer coral, zoanthids, anemones, goniopora, torch coral, toadstool leather, montipora, euphyllia, cyphastrea, mushrooms, alveopora, trachyphyllia, clove polyps and more. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mikejrice1 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elite-Reef/233504278468 Tweets by elitereef http://www.captivecoral.net http://www.fragging101.wordpress.com

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Coralscapes from the flats of fish store, Elite Reef, of Denver, Colorado including torch coral, toadstool leather, clove polyps, hammer coral, goniopora, star polyps, button polyps, cynarina, gorgonians, stylophora, cup coral, pulsing xenia and more.

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Live stock update from fish store, Elite Reef, of Denver, Colorado including hammer coral, cardinals, yellow tang, torch coral, anemones, clownfish, sixline wrasse, sailfin tang, bubble coral, toadstool leather, damsels and more.

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Toadstool leather.

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Common Name: Toadstool Leather, Umbrella Leather Scientific Name: Sarcophyton Sp.   Coral Type: Soft Coral Care Level: Easy Lighting: Tolerant of most conditions Flow: Tolerant of most conditions Care Notes: Toadstool leathers are very easy to care not needing much flow light or feeding Description: Toadstool leathers form much like terrestrial mushrooms with a base and large round head on top. Most are covered   Read More …

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