This week brought a huge shipment of fish and inverts. Check out just a few on the massive list of fish that will be out of quarantine next week. Stop by soon to reserve one… YELLOW LONGNOSE BUTTERFLY BANGGAI CARDINALS LONGNOSE HAWKFISH SPOTTED HAWKFISH FOXFACE CHEVRON TANG KOLE TANG MIMIC LEMON PEEL TANG NASO TANG   Read More …

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Common Name: Threadfin Hawkfish, Spotted Hawkfish, BlotchedHawkfish Scientific Name: Cirrhitichthys Aprinus   Maximum Size: 4.9 in. Minimum Tank Size: 20 Gallons Reef Compatible: Yes with caution Diet: Meaty foods Temperament: As with most hawkfish the threadfin may become aggressive towards other fish and will eat small shrimp   Other Notes:

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