Fish stock update from local fish store, Elite Reef, of Denver, Colorado featuring whipfin fairy wrasse, tricolor fairy wrasse, banggai cardinal, yellow tang, chromis, eight line wrasse, onyx clownfish, longnose hawkfish, picasso clownfish, royal gramma, ocellaris clownfish, flurry clownfish, firefish, percula clownfish and hippo tang. Subscribe: Tweets by elitereef

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This week brought a huge shipment of fish and inverts. Check out just a few on the massive list of fish that will be out of quarantine next week. Stop by soon to reserve one… YELLOW LONGNOSE BUTTERFLY BANGGAI CARDINALS LONGNOSE HAWKFISH SPOTTED HAWKFISH FOXFACE CHEVRON TANG KOLE TANG MIMIC LEMON PEEL TANG NASO TANG   Read More …

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