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Half of the fish for the week at Elite Reef are in! Video update includes lightning maroon clown, mimic lemonpeel, royal gramma, midas blenny, yellow tang, yellow and gold chromis, powder blue tang, purple firefish, green chromis, marble wrasse, powder brown tang, flame angel, leopard wrasse and more. Clownfish land tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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Livestock update from Denver, Colorado fish store, Elite Reef, including ricordia, cleanup crew, brain coral, wrasses, montipora, purple pseudocromis, palythoas, torch coral, cinnamon clownfish, clownfish, candy cane coral, montastrea, regal tang, acropora, frogspawn, skunk clownfish, zoanthids, candy hogfish, leather coral, duncan coral, firefish, green start polyps, pocillopora, lobophyllia, favia, blastomussa, damsels, chocolate tang, sympodium, yellow   Read More …

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